Aussie Granny Sentenced for Cannabutter Mishap

Melting butter in the shape of a cannabis leaf

An Australian grandmother’s devotion to the medicinal benefits of cannabis-laced butter brought her a lot of trouble with the law. Pam Annette Bickerton, 74, found herself under arrest and on May 4 receiving state judgment after her teenage great-grandson accidentally found her “special butter,” made a batch of brownies with it, and shared the baked goods with classmates.

From High Times:

The Adelaide Advertiser reports that Bickerton made the cannabis-infused butter to control her sleeping disorder, and it worked, the jury heard at an April 19 court hearing.

Bickerton says she was halfway asleep when her unnamed teen grandson asked if he could use some of the cannabutter. “Still in a state of tiredness and unfortunately … she said ‘go for it—just make sure that you clean up afterwards’,” her lawyer said in court.

The judge apparently was unimpressed by Bickerton’s defense. Read the rest of the story at High Times.

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